About Tilajo

A passion for equestrian and elegant riding apparel gradually grew until Tilajo was born. Tilajo honestly and truly wish for all to have quality riding jackets within their reach. If the warmth and passion for equestrian of the Tilajo family does not speak to your heart the elegance and quality of the Tilajo range of riding jackets sure will.

Our Story

Tilajo was started when my youngest daughter took a keen interest in horse riding. It seemed an impossible task to find a high-quality jacket at a reasonable price. Being that there are many disciplines in horse riding, one might need more than one jacket. Having some experience in the clothing, manufacturing industry, I realized there was a great number of people who were looking for the same thing that I was.

Cheryl Mc Alister

Founder of Tilajo Riding Jackets

My thoughts were: Why can't everybody have a beautiful jacket to be proud of to ride in?

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For more information or orders contact us at info@tilajoridingjackets.com or on 0832354216
Alternatively place your order using or online orders system below.

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